Thrilling adventures on a tropical island!

  • Surviving a plane crash and separation with the team, then having to survive in the jungles all alone, going through remarkable encounters and breath-taking adventures – all this is awaiting for you in Tiny Tribe!
  • Impassable jungles hide numerous mysteries – ancient tribes used to live there. Here they prayed their gods, worshipped spirits and constructed giant pyramids. Now only ruins and legends that are passed on by words of mouth can remind of former greatness.
  • Now a city is to be built here. Houses and factories, quarries and manufacturing facilities will be constructed all over the place. Civilization is coming here and will stay here for good.
  • Dark vaults that have not seen a human foot for hundreds of years, forgotten treasure troves and powerful artifacts represent heritage of the long-bygone days that needs to be explored.
  • These islands are not deserted at all. The natives are ready to offer their help in searches for other survivors but often they need help, too.
  • Vivid colours of the jungles, glitter of gold and anticipation of upcoming discoveries will not leave anyone bored.
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